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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Bundles of Fun!

Hello! Because it has been a while I thought I would alert you to a couple of FUN NEW WAYS you can buy my comics!

Firstly, Ghosts of Mathrak Chu - Dan and I's second Pirates of Pangaea adventure, a thoroughly ripping yarn involving GHOST PIRATE DINOSAURS - is available to purchase as a complete 4-issue bundle from The Phoenix Comic Shop. Please do go and have a look, it's one of my favourite things we've done so far. Look, here are is the ENTIRE FIRST EPISODE in all it's excitingly spooky glory to convince you.

SECONDLY, those selfsame fine fellows at the Phoenix are also now stocking Mo-bot High in its nifty new paperback edition, so why not go and buy that too? Look, here is a preview to convince you.

Or hey, why not buy both! Make a day of it on your nice internet-shopping excursion.

Look, what can I say. The kid just had a birthday and I felt a pressing need to implore people to PLEASE BUY SOME COMICS! Thank you. You may go about your business now.

As long as you bought some comics.

Thursday, 8 August 2013

WHY DON'T YOU... Enjoy some Bonus Holiday Mo-Bot Fun!

Did I mention that the brand new paperback edition of my book Mo-Bot High came out recently? Of course I did! Did you buy your copy yet? Of course YOU did! Although just in case you didn't: available in all good bookstores - including as of this week the eminently wonderful Page 45 in Nottingham / on the internet!

Anyway, if you've finished it already and are finding these long summer holidays starting to drag: Why Don't You head on over to the Mo-Bot High website for details and all sorts of fun extras! Including such Summer Holiday Funtime Stuff as..

Giant Robot Design For Beginners activity sheets!

Build-Your-Own Cardboard Mo-Bot kits!

A step-by-step guide on How To Draw A Mo-Bot!
...and MUCH MORE! 

What are you waiting for? Go get your giant robots on!

Thursday, 1 August 2013

MO-BOT HIGH out in paperback, TODAY!

Happy August 1st! And a very happy August 1st it IS, because today that all these lovely DFC Library books come out in shiny exciting new paperback editions!

It's a cracking line-up that includes a brand-new, paperback-first collection of Jamie Smart's wonderful Fish-Head Steve, and all these other fine works from amazing creative folks such as Sarah McIntyre, The Etherington Bros, James Turner, not to mention prizewinningly-certified-awesome author Dave Shelton!

And also, oh yeah, THIS ONE: 

This (beautifully printed and hghly affordable) new edition of Mo-Bot High collects the first story arc from the DFC, telling the story of a young girl named Asha and her first week at a new school where she's barely figured out where the toilets are before becoming embroiled in MIND-BOGGLING GIANT ROBOTIC WARFARE.

It's a story very close to my heart; my first 'graphic novel' (or 'big long comic' if you prefer), it's my attempt to do a classic girls' school comic, in the mode of Jinty or Bunty or one of those many lost titles that I have been known to witter on about from time to time; a story about friendship and rivalry and triumph and tragedy, played out in lunch-breaks and the walk home past the bike-sheds after school. But with giant robots. Because, y'know, GIANT ROBOTS. Updated elevator pitch: It's kind of like Pacific Rim, if Jacqueline Wilson was the screenwriter.

Anyway, if you've discovered my work in the last couple of years and particularly if you're a fan of Pirates of Pangaea or my other stuff in The Phoenix, I really hope you'll give it a try. Action! Excitement! GIANT ROBOTS! COME ON WHAT MORE DO YOU NEED TO HEAR? GIANT ROBOTS!

BUT DON'T JUST TAKE MY WORD FOR IT: here are a bunch of reviews telling you that - to sum up - this is an awesome comic and you should totally buy it!

So to sum up: GO GO UK KID'S COMICS YEAH. I really hope that these editions can serve as a beachhead for children's comics in bookshops, getting us nearer to the dream of having ACTUAL WHOLE SHELVES OF COMICS in the chilren's section! Imagine it! And in the meantime: collect the set!

Monday, 29 July 2013

3 days to go...

That's right, Mo-Bot High BOOK ONE is out in paperback in just 3 days for all your conveniently portable and affordable schoolgirls-fighting-each-other-with-giant-robots needs! Pre-order now if you just can't wait!

ALSO on August 1st: I will be with m'colleagues Gary Northfield (Teenytinysaurs, Gary's Garden) and Adam Murphy (Corpse Talk) and our buddies from The Phoenix at the amazing Camp Bestival, setting up for three solid days of awesome comics workshops in a tent, surrounded by dinosaurs, comedians, jousting knights and legendary hip-hop superstars.

August 1st is going to be a FUN DAY.

Monday, 27 February 2012

Magnificent Multimedia Mobots!

My week was made last week by my friend Steph, who was awesome enough to send over these pictures of her niece Lily's school project. The assignment was to make a model of her favourite book, and Lily went for...

This three-dimensional chunk of pure awesomeness was made by Lily and her friend Matilda (both aged 10) - Matilda made Asha, Lily did the cover drawing and they collaborated on the frankly fantastic model mobot. (Check out the RIBBONS!) Anyway, I think we can all agree this amazing effort gets an A plus! An A DOUBLEPLUS, in fact. Awesome job, Lily and Matilda!

BONUS MOBOTS! Just when I was getting ready to post these pics, girls' comics aficionado Jo Bevan (of the Bring Back Bunty blog) posted this shot of a cardboard mo-bot expertly constructed by her daughter for World Book Day!

I know all too well how much time and effort goes into making one of these bad boys, so can only say a huge GOOD JOB, Bevan Jr! A pluses all round!

If you would like to have a crack at making your own cardboard mo-bot - they take a bit of doing but they're worth it in the end! - you can download a FREE kit to do so from the Mo-Bot High Wesbite, right here:

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

COMPETITION: Win the giant robot of your choice!

Mo-Bot Blog Week Header
Mo-Bot Competition 600px

I very much enjoyed drawing Giant Robot Judge Dredd and Giant Robot Harry Potter this week, so I thought it would be fun to do another in this little sort-of-series. But who to turn into a giant robot next?


Yes, I thought it might be fun to turn it into a little competition, and give you YES YOU the chance to win a piece of original, custom artwork depicting a Mo-Botized version of the comics / movie / pop culture character of your choice. The winner will get an A3 full-colour poster print of the finished piece, as well as the ORIGINAL pencil sketch / whatever scribbles and roughs I do to get started.

TO ENTER: all you have to do is go 'Like' the Mo-Bot High Facebook Page, then say who you would like a giant robot version of. THAT IS IT. Closing date of January 15th, 2012, at which point I will use a combination of random number generation and deciding which one I most want to draw to pick a winner. (i.e. if the suggestion 'Batman' wins, and there are 20 entries saying 'Batman', I will pick the winning entry using a random number generator).

PS I'm not saying 'Batman' is going to win, that was just an example. Although I DO totally want to draw Giant Robot Batman.

Go enter! It will be FUN.

(If you're not on Facebook - oh, go on, just leave a comment here on the blog. But Facebook entrues MUCH HANDIER FOR ME, so would be appreciated.)

Mo-Bot Facebook

Mo-Bot Week rolls on tomorrow with the funnest and - by far - most ridiculous entry yet!

Monday, 19 December 2011

Mo-Bot Hogwarts

Mo-Bot Blog Week Header

Mo-Bot Hogwarts RGB 600px

Because much as I love the work of J. K. Rowling, I can't help but feel it could
use more giant robots.
Big Version of this pic right here.

The SECRET ORIGIN of today's entry in Mo-Bot Week*: so aaaages ago I made a Funny Joke on twitter, announcing my delight at the news that I'd landed the assignment of producing graphic novel adaptations of all seven Harry Potter novels... but that I would of course be making some changes.

This was essentially just an excuse for me to make up lots of silly titles: Harry Potter and the Unusually Large Baby, Harry Potter and the Drunk Jellyfish, that sort of thing. Anyway, comics writer, journalist and tweeter par excellence Chris Sims chimed in with "Harry Potter and The Hell With It, They All Have Giant Robots Now." And lo, my mind was blown.

I'm only sorry it's taken me this long to actually draw it.

Look, I even made 'character designs' for this one.
sketch harry
sketch hermione
sketch ron

In the unlikely event that they do ever license the Potter books for comics versions, I can only imagine the creative team would be like Neil Gaiman and Dave Gibbons, or generally the famousest and most expensive creators imaginable. But I'd just like to say: I WOULD DRAW THE HECK OUT OF THAT $#!£. Holla at me, Bloomsbury.

sketch snape
sketch dumbledore
sketch gryffindor-bot

And hey, if the idea of a school filled with plucky kids having adventures with cool magic giant robots appeals... well. Do I really need to spell it out?
xmas Mo-Bots
More Mo-Bot Week* Fun-ness tomorrow!

*Yeah, yeah, so Mo-Bot Week kind of morphed into Mo-bot Fortnight - my son got chickenpox so schedules have taken a bit of a tumble all round. He's on the mend now, hooray!

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Pirate Ninja Mo-Bot Molly

Mo-Bot Blog Week Header

Pirate Ninja Mo-bot Molly

Ace comics reviewer for the Forbidden Planet International Blog Molly Bruton recently had a bit of a disagreement with a trampoline and by all accounts busted up her arm pretty good. Anyway, fine comics artist Adam Cadwell decided to #drawmolly to cheer her up, with this marvellous picture. And that seemed like such a good idea that I thought I'd join in, too.

Molly - and her Dad, Rchard - wrote some very nice words about Mo-Bot High back when it came out. I don't mean to set a precedent here, that I'll draw a picture for anyone who gives my comics a good review and then injures themselves in a trampolining accident.

Actually, you know what? I think I am okay with setting that precedent.

Get well soon, Molly!

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

A Child's First Guide To Giant Robot Construction and Repair

Mo-Bot Blog Week Header

blog pic

Longtime readers of this blog may remember around this time last year when, for the Mo-Bot High Book One launch party I made up some cool little cardboard mo-bots. This is what they looked like back then:

Cardbot 2

Anyway, we discovered very quickly at the launch that they were not in fact going to be used so much for 'display purposes' as for 'my son playing with and having fights with and generally bashing into things' purposes. I was not about to object, because- well, because frankly there is not much in this world more heartwarming than watching one's son enthusiastically recreating scenes from one's own book with a homemade toy cardboard giant robot.

On the other hand, they are only made of cardboard. And after a year of such play, Logan's mo-bot looked more like this:

mobile 141

Clearly, it was time for some repairs. I actually had one cardbot kit spare from doing some school events, so we decided this morning to cannibalise it for parts.

mobile 142

Logan was very helpful, holding bits and generally offering useful direction and motivation. ("DADDY IS HE FIXED YET FIX HIM FASTER")

mobile 143

And before you knew it, Red Mo-Bot was as good as new, and ready to hang out with his best friend, "Other Red Mo-Bot".

mobile 147

It's funny to be doing this a year on; inadvertantly, getting scissors and glue out and making cardboard mo-bots seems to have become as much a part of my pre-christmas preparations as putting up the tree and re-watching Lord of the Rings for the bazillionth time.

Anyway, it was lots of fun and if you would like to build - or indeed repair - your OWN cardboard giant robot, handy kits to download and print off are available for the very reasonable price of FREE over on the Mo-Bot High website! And you can check out more pictures over on the (still brand new) Facebook page!

More Mo-botness tomorrow!

Tuesday, 13 December 2011


Mo-Bot Blog Week Header

Judge Mo-Bot

Judge Mo-Bot! You want a bigger version? HERE is your bigger version.

Here is today's drawing for Mo-Bot Blog Week! Enjoy!

The SECRET ORIGIN of today's drawing: I was at the 2D festival in Derry, and I remember a couple of fine comics artists - Rufus Dayglo and Rob Davis, if memory serves - saying that they'd never really found "their" Judge Dredds; that whenever they tried drawing him, Mike McMahon's version came out, so profound was the influence of that great artist and his defining work on that character.

Anyway, that resonated with me. I've tried drawing Judge Dredd a couple times but it's never really worked - largely, I think, because I've never found "my" version either. (Not due to McMahon-influence in my case; much as I love that guy's work, I was always more of a Bolland kid. Make of that what you will). So I started thinking: what would my Judge Dredd look like?

Well, obviously he'd be a massive neon giant robot. I can't believe I didn't see it right away.

More Mo-Botiness tomorrow! Follow along here or go like the brand new Mo-Bot High Facebook Page for more fun stuff!

Judge Mo-Bot Sketches

Monday, 12 December 2011

Mo-Bot Santa Presents...

Mo-Bot Blog Week

I suddenly felt like it's way too long since I drew either of my two favourite things:
(1) Mo-Bots
(2)) stupid nonsense for my blog when I ought to be doing real work instead.

Anyway, as a bit of an early Christmas present to myself, I'm going to spend this week making up for it with Mo-Bot Blog Week, where I shall be posting all sorts of fun drawings and bits and bobs with a Digital Mobile Combatsuit-y flavour! Do stay tuned - hopefully there'll be at least one cool thing a day, and if I manage to get it all done, the thing I'm hoping to post for Friday should be a bit special.

While I'm here: question I've been asked a lot lately is "when's Mo-Bot High Book 2 coming out?" and, while I am unable to give you a concrete answer to that question (it's complicated, and I have rather a lot of pirates and dinosaurs to draw first), I thought I'd offer a list of things YOU can do to help it happen as soon as possible. Undertaking any one of these actions will qualify you for entry in Team Mo-Bot, and earn my eternal undying fondness.

Mo-Bot Facebook

  1. Go 'Like' the new Mo-Bot High page on Facebook! Just set this up; I'll be posting all sorts of stuff here, and thought it'd be a good place to try out some fun ideas I have for the future - go along and Like the heck out of it now to get on board early!
  2. Write a review on Amazon! I mean, assuming you liked the book. If you hated it: well, it's a free world I suppose, buddy.
  3. Tell your friends! Your actual real-life friends. Hey, you could even give them a copy for Christmas, right?
  4. Develop the technology to actually create real digital giant robots that launch out of mobile phones, and then lead an army of them marching through central London, waving 'Mo-Bot High' banners.

Extra points if you manage that last one!

Anyway, check back tomorrow for our first bit of Fun Stupid Giant Robot Nonsense!

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Giant Robot Design For Beginners

blog excerpt 1

The summer holidays are looming, and what better way to distract and subdue your children than by introducing them to the fascinating and rewarding art of GIANT ROBOT DESIGN? Simply head over to where you will find, under the 'Extras' section, a handy worksheet containing several instructive and edifying lessons I have put together ON THIS VERY SUBJECT! You can read them online or download PDF versions to print off and get drawing on! And be sure to check out the Extras section while you're there for a bunch of other fun stuff - more how-to sheets, behind-the-scenes Mo-bot stuff, downloadable CARDBOARD MO-BOT KITS and all manner of such fun things!

The long, hot summer months will fly by, being spent exactly as they should: INSIDE, DRAWING ROBOTS.

Hey, it worked for me.

blox excerpt 2

I put these together for some recent workshop events (more info on events here), and thought I'd share them with the world. Please, tell your friends and any children of your acquaintance - anyone who likes giant robots, really.

And hey, if they like giant robots - why not buy them a copy of Mo-Bot High? It has such things in, you know.

Mo-Bot High Bk1 Cover 600px

Monday, 6 June 2011


2D flyer cover

I spent last weekend at 2D, the Northern Ireland Comics Festival in Derry. And very fun it was too. Apart from anything else, it was lovely to see my Mo-Bots on posters for the event all over Derry, on walls and bus shelters (as in the above). Very exciting! I've never seen my art on a bus shelter before. (Well not that I didn't draw there myself in marker pen. No wait, I didn't say that).

mobot poster derry 600px

Look, there's one!

robot joints

I was over principally to do a couple of workshops, one with a school group on Friday and then one that was open to the public on Saturday. We were doing 'Giant Robot Design For Beginners', which is where I attempt to teach some of the basic principles of figure-drawing-without-a-model, but in a fun and robot-y way, involving a lot of rocket launchers. Seriously, a LOT. The Saturday session in particular was tremendously enjoyable - a really good mix of ages and levels of drawing ability, it just seemed to go really well and was lots of fun. Many supremely awesome / insane robots were drawn, which of course I singularly failed to take any pictures of. Here are a couple that I somehow ended up with:

ghost bot
GHOST-BOT, by Caitlin

stegobot vs robocop

An excerpt from the epic comic sage STEGOBOT VS ROBOCOP, sadly unattributed. If you drew this please get in touch!

workshop robot pics

Clockwise from top left: Quack-Bot by Gary Northfield, Bunny-Bot VS Dragon-Bot by Matt Brooker / D'israeli, Squirrel Ice-Bot by Jim Medway, and the character find of 2011: Rocket Spy Squid Bot by Lauren O'Farrell. Photo nicked from Lauren's Tumblr!

Those last four, I dunno, I think they might have had some practise at drawing before. Lovely chaps all, anyway, and really great to get a chance to hang out with them and gab about comics and doing workshops and stuff. And, mostly, to listen to Gary and Jim make up monkey jokes for 11 straight hours: an unadvertised highlight of the 2D Festival, frankly.

Anyway, after forcing a bunch of kids to draw robots, said kids then got their revenge for the rest of the day on Saturday by making me draw THEM robots (or, as ended up being the case, portraits of themselves as zombies.) Again, totally failed to take any pictures, but here's one of a robot I sketched in one (hopefully) satisfied customer's copy of Mo-Bot High:

zombot book sketch

That is: a Zombie-Bot with One Arm Covered in Spikes, One Arm That Is a Laser Cannon, One Arm That Has Like Wolverine Claws, One Arm Hanging Off, Rocket Launchers, A Scary Skull On His Chest, An Axe Stuck In His Head And a Tank For a Foot. It was quite a specific request.

And then, just as my zombie-drawing hand was getting tired, one customer turned the tables and drew a sketch of me:

pic of my by lochlainn

That is by Lochlainn Kelly, who let me read his comic about zombies and drug addicts which was frankly one of the most awesome and hilarious things I've seen in ages. I think he's captured my likeness rather well. And look, he even got his deviantArt page URL in at the bottom. The kid's a pro!

Huge thanks to the festival organisers, David Campbell in particular, for inviting me over and for looking after me so magnificently while I was there. I love Derry, and it was a lovely opportunity to catch up with some old friends AND go to a funky awesome friendly informal comics festival all at the same time. Big win.


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